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The standout sculpture of Real life Casts with its high level of realism and detail. These sculptures are so pleasing that they are admired and cherished for ages to come.

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Life casting is the process of creating a three-dimensional copy of a living human figures (body, hands and feet), through the use of molding and casting technique. Life casts can replicate detail as small as fingerprints and pores. When cast, this life casting is a unique piece of fine art that can be wall mounted, stood, or even suspended.

The standout sculpture of life casts is its high level of realism and detail. These sculptures can be so pleasing that they can be admired and cherished for many years to come. Each sculpture is unique and special in its own. By taking a mould directly from the body, the shape with all the details and expressions are captured.

A life casting captures the body like no other art form. And because they are 3D they can be touched and viewed from all angles unlike a photograph or painting.

So, step into our world of life casting and enjoy the beauty of your own or your loved ones.

Casting Memories in Three Dimensions

by Life & Emotions

Amrita Dalal, Certified from UK runs a creative Art Studio offering a professional life casting service. My art involves casting of the 3D impressions of hands & feet (for all ages) that one can reach out and touch. Life casting might be made of a child’s hands & feet or of a woman while she is pregnant (baby bump belly casting) or at different ages. These castings are then finished with clear matt, gloss, pearl, antique (bronze, gold, and Silver). These are then framed or displayed on a Wood base (Black, Brown and white standard, other finishes and colors available).

Impressions are taken in 100% safe, non- toxic impression material that is completely painless.

Another service that we offer is Face Casting, Torso Casting and Pet Paw casting.

Your special moments become the foundation of our relationship that starts off with the celebration of unity, embracing the baby bump and capturing those tiny finger and toes.

Every print is unique and you can select from a vast array of presentation styles and finishes to compliment interiors.

Capture the stunning details through a wonderful sculpture that can be admired from all angles. Life & Emotions make a perfect gift from Wedding to Anniversary and for proud new parents and grandparents alike.

For presentation ideas, you can browse through the large selection of finished product photos on our website.

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