What is life Casting / Casting Process?

Life Casting is a mould taken from a person’s body, We create a three-dimensional copy of hands and feet’s through the use of highly skilled molding and casting techniques. Life casts capture detail as small as fingerprints, folds, and wrinkles. When cast, this life casting is a unique piece of fine art that can be wall mounted, stood, or even suspended. When lit, it can be displayed in your home, studio, office or workplace.

The Process

The lifecasting process is very quick. Once you are comfortable in the surroundings and happy with your pose, we start with rehearsal positioning. Once that’s done, Our Custom made Specialized Solvent is mixed to a lukewarm creamy goo – like yogurt. Hands or feet are slowly dipped into the container. Once the solution is set, your hand or foot is slowly eased out of the flexible rubbery mold. Most moulds takes about 2 to 30 mins to complete and remove. The process is quick and painless.

The products we use are natural and non-toxic and the primary moulding materials can even be used internally.

The moulding stage is the most important stage, as from this the final life cast will be taken. The next stage is pouring the casting material and demolding. Once the mould is removed, the lifecasting sculpture is cast and the final sculpture is hand finished and left to dry for one to two weeks and then given an artistic colors and finished with your desired lifestyle..

Once a satisfactory casting has been taken, the mould is destroyed. Thus, guarantees the uniqueness of the cast as a one-off limited edition of yourself.

Where is the casting done?

The casting will be done at Casting house or we come to you, we cover all the metro and major cities in India within our possible reach. The casting is done in the comfort of your home, at a time that suits you. Everything there is easily cleaned up and water and electric are available.

Is it messy and what should I wear?

Old, washable clothing is recommended—just in case. The process can be messy if a baby twists or kicks. If needed, we may supply an apron to keep you covered and clean during the process, but drips do happen! We make every effort to keep tidy, but as a precaution, please wear something you don’t mind getting messy. Also, try to ensure that tight clothes are not worn on the part of the body which is due to be cast. Tights and socks can leave imprints on the skin which will be identifiable in the finished cast.

Can multiple hands and people be cast together?

Yes, hands can be lovely ways to represent multiple generations, or a group of young or older siblings or friends, families, etc. See our gallery for ideas.

Should I cut my fingernails or have a manicure?

Our custom made specialized moulding solvent material captures every detail of flesh, cuticle, and nail exactly. You will need to decide how you want these details captured.

Can rings be worn during the molding process?

Yes, rings can be harmlessly worn and will easily clean up after the mold is made. The casting process will pick up the most beautiful details of your rings, making your sculpture even more personal. If very high, angular rings are to be included an alternate casting method may be necessary. Please advise when making your appointment if large jewelry is to be included in the casting. Please also remember that if you want a casting without a ring that you normally wear, you should remove it ahead of time so there will be no indentation on your finger.

Can we order several castings from the same mold?

No, Because the molding medium has to be broken away in chunks in order to release the poured casting, your casting is a one-of-a-kind irreplaceable piece of art. Please let us know at the time of scheduling if you want additional copies of your lifecast. It will make a difference in the price and techniques we use. If you require 2 to 4 baby feet for example, it’s actually more economical to make 4 individual unique casts than to make copies of one.

Can you supply a base or stand or frame for my cast?

Yes. Our most popular bases are elegant black, brown and white. Acrylic box with bases is also available. Framing of baby hands and feet in shadow boxes is also available.

Engraved nameplates can add a personalized finishing touch.
We can design frames, bases, and wall mounting to suit your request. Please contact us—we love coming up with new ideas!

How do I care for my sculpture?

As a unique work of art. It will break if dropped. Do not use any cleaning liquids or water. Dust carefully with a cloth. Keep your sculpture away from extreme heat or cold and away from damp areas.

I dropped my cast and it is broken. Can it be repaired?

Most likely, Yes – depending on severity. We would have to examine the piece and then discuss repair options and cost. We will always try to help.

Can you really cast my pet’s paw?

Yes, for most dogs. You will need to consider your pet’s temperament and decide if he/she will cooperate. Please be honest; we do not want to be bitten. You may want to practice by holding your pet’s paw in a cup of water several times before we come to do the casting to get him/her used to the procedure. If you know your pet has allergies, we will give you a list of material that he/she will come in contact with to ask your vet about. If your dog is very sensitive about having his/her paws touched and becomes very agitated for even a short time this may not be the best thing to do, even though it is painless. Sweet-talk, hugging, and distracting with treats often works.


We cover all the Metro and Major Cities within transport authority reach; if you are beyond, we can discuss about it once we are in touch. For outside Mumbai, we will have to include the traveling and other costs (if any).

What are your terms of payment?

We ask for a 50% deposit to secure a booking. The balance is due on completion and just before we book the delivery or when you come to pick up your finished piece of art. We accept cash. We will tell you the total cost of your casting at the time of the booking. If installments are agreed upon, the final payment must be paid before delivery of the lifecast sculpture.

Is there an age limit?

Our 3D Life Casts are suitable from birth to any age.

What if my child won’t stay still for a cast?

Babies love to wriggle their toes, and sometimes kick whilst a cast is being taken. In most cases we can complete the casting with even a very fussy baby. If it’s one of those more active days, we can make a second casting of the foot (for example) for free on the day, just to be sure that everything’s going to turn out beautifully. There are times however that it is simply impossible to complete the casting. We want to ensure that the finished piece is a perfect so in the very rare event that the session is just not working out we will reschedule your appointment for another time. A sleeping baby makes a great model! We will try and arrange the casting time around your baby’s schedule.

What is the best time of day to take a cast of my baby / child?

The easiest time to take a cast is when the little one is relaxed, perhaps after or during feeding or during a nap. Most sleeping babies remain asleep during the entire process and we can be guaranteed of a great final product! Favorite toys, comforters, or pacifiers can also help distract children and keep them occupied whilst being cast.

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