Keep the memory alive of just how little and delicate your children once were with beautifully framed hand and feet sculptures.

Life & Emotions framed baby hand and feet sculptures are a truly magical way of capturing how cute and tiny your child’s little hands and feet once were. We capture the detail of each and every wrinkle on their hands and feet, the shape of their little fingernails, a three-dimensional replica of their hands and feet.

The quality of our hand and feet sculptures are unmatched and you will enjoy your sculptures for many years to come. Our casting material is of the highest quality which ensures the best outcome of your child’s sculptures, capturing every tiny detail of your baby’s hands and feet by using a quick, easy, completely safe and non-toxic method.

Each three-dimensional sculpture is hand crafted with amazing detail and professionally mounted or framed to make a perfect keepsake to treasure for generations to come.

If you have got more than one child or didn’t get castings done of your first child and feel bad about getting the new baby’s casting done – you don’t have to.  As our products are custom made we can make our frames to fit all of your children.

You design your casting to suit your children, either just hands or hands and a photo of all the children.  We can include their name, Date of birth etc. To make it extra special we can add an inspirational quote that is meaningful to your family.

Don’t forget about the Grandparents!  They will just love their grandchild’s hand print or foot print. dads will love it too!

Now is the time to capture the fleeting moment that will not return!

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