Sweetest Dream – Baby Girl




Brown Gold


Raw Silk




Pure Gold

Cast Finish

Making of Molds

First step to life casting is capturing an impression as you desire the frame. We use our Organically made, water-based, skin-safe molding powder; specially designed to capture the finest details. Its a Great fun and fantastic way to capture a unique memory into molds.

Give Life to Impressions

Next step, to enhance the detailing of the impressions, giving a colorful touch with our special finishes, designing the frame in accordance to your selection and process it to the next step of manufacturing.

Manufacture & Deliver

Final step, to build the base / frame and assemble with the impressions / photography using the best practice to assure the quality and durability of the brand ‘Life & Emotions’.


We make every effort to manufacture and send your the Masterpiece within 10 to 15 days of receiving your mould / impressions and final content approval.


3" (L) x 14" (W) x 17" (H)
The finished product's dimensions, from the outer frame border mentioned above are approximate. The size of your 3D life casting measurement may cause a difference by an inch +/- in frame dimensions.

Attention To Detail

Detailing is undoubtedly important. We aspire to the finest level of precision in every life casting, encompassing true impressions, coatings, Raw Silk, framework material, and all that is imposed on your Masterpiece Collection.

Travel & Delivery

Every Aesthetic we curate includes free travel to your location to capture Mould as well as free secure delivery to your location across India via our exclusive delivery partner.